P.O.V. Overview


The Epiphany:



“No money.
No mission.”

– Covey (R.I.P.)


“No mission.
No money.”

– Suddes



The Challenge:



The Challenge: Be For Impact


“Finding PURPOSE is a journey. BEING FOR IMPACT is a decision.”


My partner, mentee, successor and great friend Nick Fellers said this to me recently, and it works.

BE FOR IMPACT is the message and the essence of our Point of View.

BE FOR IMPACT is a 50,000’ conversation, an imperative and a challenge.

We have learned that you either get ‘BE FOR IMPACT’ right away or you don’t. If you do, I hope the following helps you decide to ACT on your decision.

  • BE FOR IMPACT is the ‘other Golden Rule’. You know the first golden rule. (It’s not he who has the gold rules! You can think about BE FOR IMPACT in the same way that you think about ‘DO UNTO OTHERS’.
  • BE FOR IMPACT is a universal truth, a universal law. Every organization would like to have an impact.
  • BE FOR IMPACT is all about the WHY. (Why do we exist? Why do we get up in the morning? Why do we go to work? Why, why, why? E.g., To have an impact: to leave a legacy.)(*See Guiding Principle #1. START WITH THE WHY.)
  • BE FOR IMPACT is the ‘holy grail’, so to speak, of organizations, businesses and people. Any truly great or successful company or 3rd Sector organization is driven by their IMPACT.
  • BE FOR IMPACT, again, is a conscious decision, an intent. It’s a commitment that just takes a moment to make … and a lifetime to deliver.
  • BE FOR IMPACT is timeless. Andrew Carnegie. Napoleon Hill. Earl Nightingale. Og Mandino. Joseph Campbell. Stephen Covey. Eckhart Tolle. Bob Proctor. Denis Waitley. Jack Canfield. Rick Warren. And I’m sure somewhere Aristotle and Plato, using some Greek words … laid out the idea of IMPACT
  • BE FOR IMPACT is about a legacy. The people who have left the largest legacies have always had the greatest impact. (They’re not the ones who left the most amount of money.)*My good friend and brilliant thinker, Jim Mahoney, is founder and president of Battelle for Kids. Jim says the ‘DASH’ is your IMPACT. On your tombstone, the DASH between the year you were born and the year you died symbolizes your IMPACT/LEGACY. You have the opportunity to write/define your DASH. (I call this your EIA, your Eulogy In Advance.) BTW, Tom Peters my virtual mentor, says he’s never seen someone put their ‘net worth’ on a tombstone.
  • BE FOR IMPACT is about value and service and purpose and meaning.Oprah Winfrey recently delivered a commencement speech to Harvard graduates with this message:“After interviewing over 35,000 people, there is a universal truth: Everyone of those people craved affirmation.” In her words, it was always, “How did I do?” It doesn’t take much to change that to “Did what I do matter?” “Did it make a difference?”
    “Have I had an impact?”
  • BE FOR IMPACT can also be a job description! Every organization is looking for people who want to wake up in the morning and have an IMPACT. Provide value.*What if this was part of the Ideal Profile you were seeking for any important role in your company, your organization or your team. “Do you want to have an IMPACT?” “What kind of IMPACT do you want to have?”
  • BE FOR IMPACT would seem to be a huge part of the ‘work-life balance’ conundrum. Certainly, the question of IMPACT transcends work, career, and money. It represents IMPACT on your family, your friends, your community and much more.

BE FOR IMPACT. Change THE world. Change YOUR world.

It’s a great way to “make a dent in the universe” as Steve Jobs used to say. Gandhi added,

“BE the change you want to see in he world.” (We are human BEings, not human DOings.)

BE FOR IMPACT also means:

  • Live on the Edge. (Otherwise you take up too much room.)
  • Live Out Loud. (Emile Zola’s great challenge.)
  • You Only Live Once. (Y.O.L.O.)
  • Leave a Legacy!
  • Render as much value/service as you can.

In 1623, Billy Shakespeare wrote the opening soliloquy in Hamlet, questioning the whole meaning of life. “To BE or not to BE … that is the question.”

In the 21st century, that might be asked in a different way.

“To BE FOR IMPACT or not to BE FOR IMPACT … that is the question.”

Only you can answer it.



The Implications:
  • Communicate the Message…
    Clearly. Concisely. Compellingly. Consistently. Convincingly.
  • Size & Scope
    Size & Scope



The Secret:


Just Ask. Just Ask. Just Ask.
*Just don’t ask for money.

“If you don’t ASK, you don’t get”
– Gandhi
“Ask and it shall be given.
Seek and you shall find.
Knock and it shall be opened to you.”

– The Bible
“Rak B’vakaysh!!

– Hebrew
“Ach Direach Cuir Ceist!!”
(But Only Put The Question)

– Gaelic



The Commitment:


“You’re in SALES. Get over it!”
– O.G.


– Dan Pink
“SELLING-at its core- is not a business transaction.
It is first and foremost the FORGING of a HUMAN CONNECTION.”

– Bob Burg



The Math:


The Driver:





– Brian Tracy
– O.G.