Attending one of our sessions?

We’re excited to have you join us! We encourage you to explore our website to a feel for our approach to funding the vision of your organization. A great place to start is with our P.O.V., which informs our entire approach to organizational development, team development, and fund development.

The Suddes Group has spent 30+ years transforming organizations – helping them to have a more effective impact and build strong, resilient funding models. Over the past seven years, participants in For Impact’s practical training programs have raised over $1Billion.

Participants consistently describe sessions as:

  • “The most valuable fundraising training I’ve ever received.”
  • “Completely engaging and fun.”
  • “Motivational and inspiring.” (Through our work we’re not simply giving tools but challenging originations to think and dream big.)
  • “Completely different from, and contrary to, many other trainings.”

Perhaps the most important thing to share as we come together is that we at The Suddes Group walk in your shoes on a weekly basis. We live in the field, working with organizations and funders. We also know how many hats you wear on a daily basis and we draw our strength and inspiration from the work you do.

A few notes on what to expect:

  • Each workshop or training program is customized for recipients. We’ll engage in a discovery process to learn more about your organization’s current impact and income, as well as your goals and challenges.
  • We design our sessions to be actionable, engaging, and hopefully, a lot of fun! Our facilitation and materials are designed to help you engage with our frameworks and tools, inspire you to apply them to your organization, immediately capture your big takeways and plan for action.
  • We’ll follow-up with additional resources and also give you access to our virtual coaching tools. Some of our more in-depth training experiences also include individual follow-up coaching by phone or email.

    Our goal is to help you fully maximize the tools and frameworks we’ll be giving you (and not have them sit on a shelf).

  • If you’re attending an experience at Eagle Creek, please download and read carefully the Preparation Packet. This packet covers all the necessary logistical information: times, what to bring, where to stay, where to park, what to wear and much more!